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Check out the New Home of the Future

In London, News Corp. and ad tech company Unruly have just unveiled a 2,000 square foot "Home of the Future." 

What does the new “Home of the Future” include? 

How about: 

  • A wardrobe that matches your outfit to the weather forecast. 
  • An online shopping assistant who knows you well enough to purchase new products for you. 
  • Art that adjusts itself to your mood. 
  • A kitchen that tells you what to cook based on what's in your fridge
  • A hallway that says hello
  • An alarm clock that both wakes you up and puts you to sleep
  • A bathroom scales that also test your blood pressure
  • A robot cat that meows on cue.
  • In the kitchen 
    • Give your AI system a budget and a license to search for deals from different brands and supermarkets
    • A fridge that talks you through every step of a recipe and then alerts the family when dinner's ready

Of course, much of the technology is voice-activated and the Future Home is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, virtual reality and augmented reality screens and headsets and more.

Take a virtual tour of the home here

If you’d rather see it in person, it will be a permanent fixture at Unruly's London office and a pop-up version will be installed at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity next month. Another temporary version has been set up at Unruly's New York office.